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myBusiness - Basic Features
The complexity of the software package offers a variety of features already in its basic form:
  • mySQL database for products, categories, customers and feature settings
  • Professional presentation of products with or without product pictures
  • Professional navigation and linkage wherever appropriate
  • onClick display of product details in separate browser window
  • Search on any part of category and/or article name or number
  • Linkage to product details from overview product lists
  • Shopping cart control throughout website
  • Online order form submitted via email
  • Guestbook
  • Visitor Counter
  • Administrator pages for database control and product insertion and maintenance
  • Automataic deletion of outdated shopping carts
myBusiness - Optional Features included
The database design of the package allows for the online selection of features by the customer:
  • Optional categorization of products
  • Insertion and maintenance of categories through administrator pages
  • Choice between direct display of optional product images or onclick popup
  • Choice between email ordering or order database
  • Selection of payment options (cash, bill, credit card)
  • Optional stock control
  • Choice between stock control on order submit or on product delivery
  • Two different print versions of orders from database - for bookkeeping or shipment
  • Delivery address different from billing address