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One Day Matches are often called International Limited Overs.

This form of cricket consists of one innings per team with 50 overs. It is played between the Test s;atcj cpimtroes amd a few more countries who do not yet have test status (such as Kenya and Scotland).

Normally One Day Cricket is played after a Test Match. Recently, however, regular, independent tournaments have started between two countries, respectively.

One Day Cricket Picture

One Day Cricket is often played at nicht, under flood light, and the players prefer to wear colourful clothes. Therefore, the expression "pyjama cricket" is widely used.

During a 50 over innings, which normally lasts over some three hours, the scoring team hopes to score at least 250 runs.

In a One Day Match each team only scores once, and the innings are limited to a predefined number of overs, normally 50. This number may vary, depending on weather circumstances. Compared to Test Match Cricket, there are more changes in the rules, such as positions of the field players (it is, for example, not allowed to position all fielders along the border of the playground). Rules regarding fouls and invalid balls are more strict in One Day Cricket than in Test Match Cricket. Thus, one wants to make sure that balls are not thrown intentionally in a way that the batsman has nearly no chance to hit them.

Most of the time, a white ball is used instead of the traditional red one. White balls are painted and not dyed like the red ones. Thus, the ball has a different structure and grip and has different areodynamic properties. The usage of a white ball is restricted to games starting in the afternoon or evening. Such games are also called day-night matches. In such matches, the second innings is normally played under flood light.

One Day Cricket started in the sixties and in the beginning was only played in english counties. The first international match took place in 1971 in Melbourne, Australia. The Cricket World Cup, which takes place ever four years, took place for the first time in1975.

Many details which have been changed compared to traditional Test Match Cricket (such as for example the colourful clothing) developed in connection with World Series Cricket, an "opposition" series which emerged outside the cricket establishment and which is traced back to the australian media entrepreneur Kerry Packer.

One Day Cricket is popular among those spectators who prefer aggressive, entertaining batting full of risks, which often leads to an exciting final. Furthermore, the spectator can be sure that a match ends after one day and that he does not have to be present for five days in order to make sure not to miss the best part. Many people who find traditional five-day cricket boring can well get into One Day Cricket.